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We are thrilled to formally announce a new Crue in the valley. We are government certified 100% non-profit society tailored to youth sports. Presenting our youth with the opportunity to grow through sports. Carolla's Crue - Sports for life society, is a team comprised of family and close friends of a beloved and life long resident of this Valley.

Joe Carolla, the inspiration for beginning this venture in support of our valley's youth, unfortunately passed away unexpectedly on March 27, 2018, at the young age of 36. Joe was a well admired and respected team member at Fording River Coal mine as well as a model resident of Fernie and eventually Sparwood. His love of this valley and all it has to offer including the people within it grew over the years shaping him into the man he became. Joe possessed many wonderful attributes and leadership qualities he was well known and loved for. Carolla's Crue will help his life to echo through the Valley for the lives he did change and will change in the future.

He loved, participated and had a passion for all sports, especially Hockey and Football. Joe played Hockey for years landing himself in a gratifying position of volunteer coach for Sparwood minor hockey. He helped instruct and teach the youth through positive encouragement, mentorship, training, coaching and support. His role led him to receive the volunteer of the year award for his countless hours and efforts towards our youth. The real reward was the smiles on the kids faces, while watching them succeed through the seasons. Joe's love of children was prominent through his short life, always there to play with, teach or encourage any child he met anywhere.

Joe's wish was to have been able to help more kids realize their true and unknown potential, in any way possible, especially through sports. So proudly, Carolla's Crue was formed, a team drawn together to let Joe's wishes and life live on through the youth in the Elk Valley. We aim to fundraise through various events throughout Elkford, Fernie and Sparwood. Starting in Joe's home town of Sparwood with our first BBQ fundraiser at Save on Foods on Sunday July 8, 2018.

Our goals through this society are to provide financial support to various youth sports teams in the Elk Valley including but certainly not limited to Hockey, Baseball, Soccer as well as school programs for youth sports.

-We will offer annual scholarship awards for various sports based on performance and treatment of others within their teams.

-Replacing old or worn out equipment at schools and within various sporting teams throughout the Elk Valley.

-Also to help kids enter into the sporting world, by providing for fees and the equipment needed in the sports they choose to play.

-Help through joint fundraising ventures at request of existing teams.

We are excited to help the communities within the Elk Valley grow together through sports. Helping to teach our youth the importance and value of developing social and physical skills through a team setting. Carolla's Crue- Sports for Life Society has dreams and plans for the future of our youth. We look forward to working with youth teams within the Valley on a personal level and helping with their needs in any way possible. We will have more updates and fundraising events in the near future!

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