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Carolla’s Crue strikes again! East Coast style!

In a recent 50/50 draw raising money for a young hockey team in Nova Scotia, Carolla’s Crue founder Sheri Hartley entered a few ballots from the ‘Crue’ to help out her co-worker (and proud father) Carmen Macphee raise some extra cash for the South Colchester Minor Hockey Association (SCMHA) for which his son Austin is playing in. A bunch of Kearl Mine Operations employees also contributed to the pot and raised a total of $2,280! This meant that whoever the lucky winner was would receive $1,140. The draw was made on November 2nd, and low and behold, Carolla’s Crue was picked! But the story doesn’t end there…..

Sheri decided that since half the pot was going towards such a good cause and helping young kids get active and learn the game of hockey, which Joe Carolla was so passionate about, she decided to also donate the other half back to the SCMHA as well! With the help of the Carolla’s crue and a great fundraiser, many young hockey players in Nova Scotia will have a chance to thrive!

Thanks to Carmen, Sheri and the Kearl Oilsands employees who contributed to this fundraiser and we all wish Austin Macphee and his teammates a fun filled season on the ice! Joe Carolla’s love and passion for youth sports is spreading across the entire Country!

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